How to buy your First Electric Guitar

Buying your first electric guitar is of course interesting and at the same time challenging. It is interesting in the sense that you are going to start your passion of music and guitar is really a great tool for it. So it is really interesting and exciting when you are out there to buy your first electric guitar. It is challenging in the sense that there are a lot of various shapes, types, brands, sizes and qualities of electric guitars and one will really get puzzled that which one to actually buy. Also, there are advanced versions of guitars for professionals and you really have no clue about these if you are a starter.

The basic equipment that you will require for your electric guitar to make it complete would be a guitar, an amplifier which will amplify its sound, a cable to connect the guitar and the amp, guitar pick and guitar strings. These are the items that you will have to have to play your electric guitar. Secondary elements include the things like instructions manual to make you understand the guitar features and parts etc. and a guitar case. The guitar case actually is essential to keep your guitar protected from the extreme weather conditions and also otherwise protects your guitar.

How to select Guitar

  1. First thing you need to understand is that do you need a solid body electric guitar or a hollow body one. As the name suggests, a solid body guitar produces a more solid sound as compared to the hollow body guitar. Perhaps a solid body guitar is more suited to you if you are a beginner and not an expert.

  1. Second important thing to consider is the size of the guitar. Now here you need to see if you need a standard size, or custom size small or large. A standard electric guitar typically uses 22 frets which means that each string in the guitar is able to produce 22 different notes. So if you are a beginner, consider buying the standard 22 fret guitar which will suit you the most. Similarly, bridges are also very important. Bridge is the portion where strings of the guitar attach to its body. Bridges are either fixed or vibrating. Vibrating ones are normally used by experts.

  1. Third important thing is the pickups. These are small microphones under the strings. The quality of these pickups has great impact on the quality of the sound produced by the guitar. For beginners, guitars with 3 pickups will be suitable. Switch is another important part of the guitar which controls which pickups are to be used. So switch controls multiple pickups.

  1. The other important thing is the amplifier. Sometimes you buy a good guitar but a poor quality amplifier can really change its sound terribly. So quality of amp is a key element for guitar sound. Amps power is in watts. The higher the watts, the higher the sound produced. So if you are a beginner, you may not need the amp with very high watts because these are for the professionals. But you definitely need a good quality amp. Nowadays there are amplifiers that can use input from CD, cassette or an ipod so that your favourite tracks can be played. The effects in an amp are also important. There are built-in effects for amplifiers such as distortion, equalization and reverb. So typically you should choose the amplifier having more built-in effects otherwise you may have to go out and get those effects separately to produce your desired sound.

  1. Next thing to consider is that how much budget you have. This is really important because you may keep searching good quality guitars and amps and then find out that the price is way up than your budget. So budget must be kept in mind first. As an advice, if you are a starter, do not really try to spend much and keep your budget low then epiphone special model 2 could be a good choice. Do not try to get the guitars played by your idols. Keep your budget low and when you think that you have now got the expertise, go for higher budget guitars. Most of the manufacturers have a beginner model of the starters, you need to buy that first.